for Pediatric Care

The CHLA Innovation Studio is designed to bring internal and external communities together to incubate and accelerate processes and technologies that can solve complex problems and transform pediatric care.

Who We Are

The CHLA Innovation Studio uses human-centered design and focuses on digital health solutions to address virtual care, social & emotional determinants of health, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, virtual and augmented reality, digital therapeutics, medical devices and more.


Human Centered Design

In order to transform pediatric care we start by understanding our audience through extensive qualitative and quantitative design research. Whether it’s an interview or SMS-based quiz, our research is always designed specifically with empathy for our patients in mind.



We bring together technologies and technologists at the forefront of innovation to address challenges in the hospital ecosystem ensuring that we are leveraging technology to meet CHLA’s complex and evolving challenges and needs.



Re-Designing Care Models

CHLA aims to provide access to high quality pediatric healthcare to 2.5 million children in Los Angeles. We re-imagine care models to help improve that access.

Our Innovations

We design, accelerate and incubate innovative ideas which address a wide range of challenges from alleviating boredom in the infusion center to providing patient's with a second opinion from a remote doctor.

Latinx Health Equity

In partnership with HIMSS we are launching an international developer challenge seeking solutions to the impact of Social and Emotional Determinants of Health (SEDoH) on the wellbeing of Latinx patients and families living in Los Angeles.

Mental Wellbeing for Teens

Through strategic partnerships, we want to create equitable access to screening, interventions, and improve the delivery of services that are scalable and culturally-relevant to measurably improve teens’ mental and emotional health and well-being in Los Angeles.

Patient-centered Diabetes Care

Leveraging human-centered design to improve patient experience, patient-provider communication, self-efficacy, health literacy, and data and device integration for diabetes patients and families.

Our Innovation Partners

It takes a village. We partner with schools, community organizations, policy-makers, providers and technology companies to transform pediatric care.

CHLA Staff

This spring we are inviting you to share your ideas for transforming pediatric care. Come and join our office hours or workshops to learn about and take part in our biannual Innovation Challenge. Any member of CHLA staff can pitch their idea and winners receive support and resources to run a pilot at CHLA.