Digital Health Lab

Accelerating the development and incubation of innovative digital health technologies in pediatric medicine.

Connected Care

Facilitating and improving access to the best pediatric care by leveraging technology to provide telehealth and online second opinions.

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics

Alongside CHLA’s Innovation Studio sits The West Coast Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP), which CHLA established in 2011 with the University of Southern California, to support and accelerate development and commercialization of medical devices and technology geared specifically to help vulnerable pediatric populations.


Years of Pediatric Care


Years of Pediatric Care


Startups receiving support


Goal to Care for Children


The CHLA Innovation Studio founded and is the administrative center for KidsX.Health, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration. KidsX.Health runs an annual Accelerator in Glendale, CA pairing top digital health startups with leading pediatric hospitals.